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Foster FamilyVincent E. Foster, an Investment Representative for Foster Financial in Topeka, Kansas, brings his talent, knowledge and 27 years of investment and insurance experience to the financial table. Specializing in retirement planning, Vince meets the needs of his clients by helping them realize their financial objectives.

While helping his clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations, Vince sees himself as a "coordinator" for his clients. He handles their investments while he coordinates with other professionals who might be involved to provide his clients with the best advice in all areas of the financial planning process. Vince is committed to listening to his clients in order to use an appropriate strategy to optimize the client's portfolio. After a thorough analysis of a client's current situation and long term goals, Vince partners with his clients to develop a sound plan, implement it, make adjustments when necessary, and monitor the progress through frequent reviews.

The Seasons of Life

Throughout the course of our lives, we experience seasonal transitions. They are what define us, what embodies our time on earth. Each joy and hardship, failure and triumph, serve as foundations for who we become - for ourselves and those we love.

We can prepare for change as we do for the seasons.

Like the seasons, life has a way of being unpredictable. It is imperative to prepare for the inevitable hardships we will face, while we also take advantage of opportunities. Foster Financial seeks to guide you and help provide security for you and your loved ones, so you are prepared to face every change of season:

Spring: Spring is a time of rebirth and awakening.

Spring brings growing pains from which abundance takes root. As with any new venture, spring can be powerful and exciting. In any new stage of life- marriage, pregnancy, a new career, there will be stormy moments, but you can always depend on the clouds to pass and make room for brighter days.

Summer: Growth and abundance.

Summer is the season for long days and relaxing nights. It is the time of year we celebrate the development of life. We nurture growth with planning and endurance. Droughts may come, but if they are anticipated, they can ultimately strengthen us.

Autumn: The season of harvest.

The time in which the fruits of your labor are received. Autumn is marked with brilliant colors and radiance. It is the season of reflection and maturity, as well as a reminder of loss. If we have been diligent in preparation for retirement, it can help ease the transition into colder days ahead.

Winter: The season of fortitude.

The cold has a way of bringing families closer with tradition and holiday cheer. Winter is a time when we recall the circle of life and is the season of falling snow and warm hearts. It also moves us to look forward to the promise of a new year, when life begins to take root again.

Vince Foster helps his clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations. As your "coordinator" Vince will be able to give you back time in your busy schedule. In addition to providing investment advice, Vince coordinates with any other professionals who might need to be involved, in order to provide you with comprehensive advice in all areas of your financial planning process.

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